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Twin-Flames or At Home

cafe de flore

I was wondering in the last few days what is it that makes people want more than one partner/lover/boyfriend or girlfriend at the same time. Why do they look for what they need in several parts?

And then I read some articles about Twin-Flames or Twin Souls. Is it possible that the persons I was telling you above are searching for their Twin-Flames? Is it possible that they want to have a more efficient search? Is this moral? Is it efficient?

How do you find the other part of your soul? Is it possible to find it? Have you ever felt like you know somebody for „ages” or even from another life? Did you feel that completeness of your soul? Did you feel it? Did you feel „at home”?

Do you still have your Twin-Flame with you? Or did you lose it? How do you feel now? Nostalgic? Lost? Sad? Feeling like you would do anything to bring it back?

I recently saw a great movie about these souls that search for each other. It’s called Cafe de Flore. It’s worth watching it. And if you don’t feel like watching the movie, just hear this song and maybe you will change your mind.

What it would be like all of us to find our twin-souls? What it would feel like all of us to feel fulfilled and complete and happy? What it would be like to have on our faces the light? Our souls to be visible in our eyes?

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  • Reply Rahela 26 iunie 2013 at 12:04 am

    Thank you shoelessness for sharing your story with me. It’s beautiful and you made me take some decisions. 🙂

  • Reply shoelessness 14 iunie 2013 at 6:59 pm

    Also, I do feel like I was easily to move on to every next boyfriend because I was specifically missing something and didn’t seem to find whatever I felt like missing in that person. I díd find it in him, and it really made me obsessive sometimes in the past. Which again made it easy for me to just date a lot of people because at a certain point I just wanted to forget that wonderfull feeling when I realised him and me could never be in a relationship. Is it moral? as long as everybody in this story knows what is going on, I suppose there’s nothing really wrong with it. After meeting him, I only had friends-with-benefits kind of relationships, because I felt like no one would ever compare to him having everything in one package. But I don’t want to spend my life having half-relationships, never really going for something real. Also, when I was in a relationship with my childs father and met my twin, I knew that having all this contact with him wasn’t gonna do my relationship any good. with any other person I would’ve pulled the break, because it would feel like a lead to cheating. But any form of contact with him never felt like cheating because to me „he was there first”.
    I never really searched for my twin. I just tried to quiet down my missing feeling. Only at the point this woman said I would meet him did I search for him for a while. Untill I stopped believing it.
    and no, half-relationships were not efficient to quiet the feeling down. (eventhough at some point I really did believe I was ok with a half-relationship with my twin, as long as I could maintain that wonderfull feeling it gave it would be ok. but it really isn’t ok for me anymore) the only thing that can now calm my missing feeling, is simply being a whole person, working on myself, also spiritually, making my own decisions, scary or not, expressing me in all sorts of creative ways, havind a whole and honest relationship with someone that understands what I am feeling…

  • Reply shoelessness 11 iunie 2013 at 1:38 am

    Ever since I was a child I felt like I was missing someone. like a brother should’ve been there with me. When I grew older a medium told my dad that if he would’ve had another child, it would’ve been a boy and I somehow then hoped this would explain my missing feeling and it would fade away, but it didn’t. At age 17 I started to see images in my head of a boy I had never met. He had brown hair and green eyes. The images became clearer day by day and showed me and him together and I got confused and went to another medium to maybe explain to me what I am seeing. I did not tell her what I saw though. She then told me there is a person I am spiritually ready for to meet soon, with whome I’ve always had a „special connection”. She told me he was indonesian and worked in a computer company and had half-brothers and half-sisters. I was looking forward to meet „him” and I waited and starting looking out. but there was nobody like that. I wrote her story off as quackery and I didn’t believe in my spiritual side anymore for a long time. I was sad and then had a dream about the woman. In the dream she said I tried to hard to find him and that that was never supposed to happen. She said my own foolishness lead me to another path but I would have the chance to walk back on my „original path” in 3 yrs. I didn’t know what to think of that dream and just simply forgot about it. 2,5 yrs later I celebrated my birthday in a big student residence and some of my friends brought some of their friends that I had never met. There was this one guy that spilled a cocktail over himself and all I could find to clean him up was an unopened pack of napkins. I was too drunk to remember his face or to open the pack and just handed it over to him and said „wel ehh… here. it’s a help-yourself-party” and we then both laughed histerically.
    A month later I ended up in a relationship with a collegue and forgot about the silly things on my birthday.
    Another few months later a medium appoached me at a bus-stop introducing him to me and asking me if he was allowed to tell me what he saw. He told me stuff about my family that I had never told anyone. He then asked me if this was the life I wanted to live. unsure of what he meant I asked him „what other life is there to live then?”
    he then started chuckling and said „ahh… I see… you have a fresh relationship don’t you…? well… this is a difficult one, you better be sure that this is what you want… but you will be fine nevertheless. just make a choice”.
    Not knowing of my ex’s difficulties (borderline) at the time, I just continued my way and did not understand what there was to choose. When I stepped out off the bus my stone ring slipped of my finger and broke in two. a little bit weirded out by all of this happening I started to feel as if I was supposed to understand something now. I for some reason then looked at the date and it was exactly 3 yrs afters the dream of the woman… It totally freaked me out but I still had no idea of „how to choose for this other life” and again continued my way. The relationship with my collegue became serious and the deeper we got into it, the more difficulties arrose and I got pregnant which lead me to believe that this is the life I chose and I should stick with this nomatter what difficulties.
    when our child was 2 yrs old we moved into a new house and the street just gave me the strangest feeling. familiair in a way. that summer a friend of mine asked me to help her out by working for her on a festival. She kept talking about her friend that was gonna work there too (never met him, heard of him before or knew anyone with the same name) and everytime she prenaunced his name I just got the eebyjeebies for some reason. she threw an introduction party before the festival started and that is where I met this guy for the first time, or so I thought. His look seemed so familiair and again I got the eebiejeebies. He was half Indonesian (as am I), balding, in his late twenties, and had these calming green eyes. working with him was strange because I got to know him and found out we had so many simularities that it was crazy. I didn’t want to bring my allready difficult relationship in danger so I didn’t allow myself to open up to what I felt at that time. the year after I worked for her again and so did he. Obviously we searched for eachothers company when the time allowed us and I had never been more confused. I felt like I was love sick for the first time again and it lead me to completely loose my focuss. I overpoured the coffee, put salt in my tea, put stuff in the fridge that absolutely didn’t belong there (tv-remote), stuff like that. We then went for a coffee after work and when I told him where I had lived when I was younger he then told he once went to a party there of some girl he didn’t even knew, and that due to the alcohol the only thing he remembered was that he spilled cocktail all over himself and got handed out a pack of napkins. I then again laughed histerically, realising he was the guy at my birthday.
    I met up with him more and more and we could talk for hours and it felt for me indeed as if it was coming home. The more I got to know him, the more I found out about him. He went to the same places, knew the same people, it was too strange that we hadn’t met earlier. He then told me that the house he grew up in was two doors away from the house I live in right now…
    He told me he had half-brothers and half-sisters, but it didn’t ring a bell yet. He then told me he had worked for a computer company in 2004 and I went like… „what did you say..?!” It was at that point that I started realizing who he really was… He then showed me a picture of him back then. It looked absolutely nothing like the way he looks now (he still had hair :P) but it looked exactly like the guy I had images about on my 17th…. I was totally shocked…
    all my believes got turned upside down again and I decided I couldn’t stay in a relationship where I wasn’t happy in ad broke up with the father of my child.
    I started spending more and more time with my „long lost friend” and those moths just felt like a paradise. Untill one day my ex begged me to start over for our son. Thinking of how much my son would miss his father and visa versa, and claiming that he was changed, I said yes, but jealous as he was he demanded me to break all contact with my new friend. I thought back then I was making consessions for a good cause and I was doing the right thing. we moved to another city but the pain of missing my soulmate was inbareable.
    I then secretly started to seek contact again because I couldn’t take the pain. being without him now made me sure of what I had always felt. He was the other half of something I once was a half of too. After secretly going to his birthday, my ex found out and we got into a big fight which ended the rellationship for good. I never wanted to live a life without my „twin-soul” ever again.
    this was about two years ago. By now, me and my „other half” have spend much time together which has been both delightfull but also very clashing at times. It’s not like a normal relationship I ever had with anyone else. He really made me grow mentally and helped me find my way back to myself and what really makes me happy in life. But he also has his own difficulties that would never allow us to have a relationship… after a while I started realising that a relationship isn’t what I wanted. I got obsessed by the feeling of completeness that we had when we were together. I didn’t think this was healthy and started a relationship about 10 months ago now with someone I could really see myself build a future with. But I still see my twinny from time to time and we call/text a lot. I do really feel like he needs to be there somewhere in my life and when in times he wasn’t I completely panicked. sometimes when we meet up, he is wearing the exact same outfit, which totally weirds me out. Sometimes he calls me telling me what he was doing today and it turned out I was doing the exact same thing at the same time, but somewhere else. Sometimes I cry about him for no reason and then I call him up and it turns out he was sad. Sometimes he calls me up at the exact moment I start crying over something. He is more then my best friend, yet I don’t really know what to call him. Being too close to him or too often around him still confuses me and makes become obsessive for more of this feeling, and I don’t want that anymore, but being apart from him completely just makes my whole body hurt. I read that twin-souls are meant to experience their own lives apart but will never really part when they have found eachother. I really do believe I have found my twin-soul and I suppose such is true and that is a wonderfull thing, but yet a difficult thing for me at the same time.
    Not sure why I’m just blurting out my whole story underneath a complete strangers’ post… I guess I just really needed to share my experience on this topic somewhere….

  • Reply Liliana Negoi 7 mai 2013 at 7:30 pm

    This reminds me of the legend told by Plato (if I remember correctly) that originally humans were created with 4 arms, 4 legs, 2 heads and so on, and then they were split into halves, and this is why, ever since, we all search for our half in this world :). And after all, anything is possible, don’t you think?

    • Reply Rahela 7 mai 2013 at 10:08 pm

      It’s a romantic idea, but i truly hope that there are more than just one half that fits my soul…otherwise…i might have already lost my half…

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