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Take a break


Sometimes you just find yourself browsing Internet pages in search for good deals on city breaks or vacations, although you haven’t thought of taking one. It’s crystal clear: you need a break. You have to just stop and smell the roses.

I sometimes find it hard to stop. I have projects and things to do and the time is cruel to me and I never have enough of it. How do you take a break? How do you turn on the vacation mood?

For me a coffee on the terrace, in the morning sun helps sometimes. Or just reading a book lying on my back. with my feet on the wall, or drinking some hot chocolate or a tea in the evening, looking out the window, listening to some good music, or just watch a movie and enjoying the good company.

But what if the moment to take a vacation fails to come? What if you just wait and wait and things just don’t fall into place?

I hate those moments. I hate it when I browse and I browse the Internet and I realize that this year probably isn’t my year…


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