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  • breathe

    Trying to breathe

    Do you ever feel like you have no air? Or like you want to do something and you don’t know what to do? And you feel anxious and you just want to suck all…

  • choices

    What do you do?

      What do you do when you know you will end up the same way, but you just miss it? What do you chose? Who do you listen to? Your heart? Your mind? What…

  • thoughts

    It’s as if it flies

    Maybe it’s about time, maybe it’s about thoughts or just one haunting thought, tormenting each day, each night……

  • emptiness


    What do you do when you miss it? What do you do? Find a replacement? Find something to fill the empty space? Where to search? Where to find the right „IT”? There is so…

  • Missing you, missing me

    How come you can like people even if you don’t know them from real life? How come they can make you laugh and feel better from thousands of kilometers? Aren’t you supposed to first meet…