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  • drought

    There’s hope!

    When all turns dry and you feel like there’s no way out, something changes and you start seeing the end of the tunnel. Don’t lose hope. You are not dead. The bright days are in…

  • thoughts

    It’s as if it flies

    Maybe it’s about time, maybe it’s about thoughts or just one haunting thought, tormenting each day, each night……

  • expectations

    High Hopes

    With a serious face we gaze at distance and just ask ourselves what happened? what have we become? where are our dreams? where are we? who are we? did we just get caught in…

  • How hard can it be?

    I am known as a person who doesn’t accept help easily. I know I can do things by myself. And I can do them quite good. Not all the time. But…most of it. I…