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Regrets? Never!

feeling sorry

People always say they regret doing something or not doing something. Which is worse? Doing? Not doing? Thinking? Not thinking? Feeling? Not feeling? Who knows?

What I am sure of is that if there is something I don’t want to regret is not doing/thinking/feeling something. Even if it’s the worse thought or deed or feeling, that particular thought/deed/feeling means you are alive. You get to do and think and feel. Your choice.

Regret a former lover? No way! There were lots of great moments, lots of magic feelings and lots of wonderful thoughts. Why regret any of it? Just because it didn’t work out? At least you tried! At least you wanted to make it work!

Don’t waste your time with regrets! Do what you think it’s the right thing, act as you think is the right way and feel what you feel. And do it with all your heart. Because that is life.

Will you miss doing something and feeling something and thinking something in particular? Will you miss that person? Of course! But you will always think about the good times and forget about the bad times. You will miss it and you will move on. And live again.

Live your life and don’t forget that if you obey all the rules…you will miss all the fun!

Photo credits: Adrian Lupu

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