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Old or new?

old malmo

You walk along the water and your thoughts just fly. You remember yourself a long time ago and it seems like several lives ago in your past. You walk on those wooden planks and you get the impression they are the same wooden planks and the memories come back. And you remember the wind, the warmth, the warm voice next to you and just…breathe in the old feeling and the old memories.

And then you think of who you want to walk with today and talk about the wind and the sun and the caffè latte and the view…and you buy a little gift and only after you realize that you won’t be able to offer that gift. And it won’t matter anyway because life is what it is and you made your choice…who knows if it’s the right one? But you must live with your choice.

And still…the only thing you can think of is that this should have been something else. And it’s not.

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