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Missing you, missing me

Touching hands

How come you can like people even if you don’t know them from real life?

How come they can make you laugh and feel better from thousands of kilometers?

Aren’t you supposed to first meet the person and only after that decide if you like it or not?

Aren’t you supposed to spend some time with that person to observe face or body reactions, clothes, posture, tone of voice and only after that you can say that you might want to meet  that person again?

Moreover, can you miss a person even if you never met it? Or feel that you miss that person’s presence? Some say it’s possible, but how come? Can you suppose that maybe you have met in another life? Or maybe they give you a certain feeling, a feeling you miss?

Either way, just bear this in mind: Never settle for anything less than butterflies. In your stomach of course.

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