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Magic of the night

Fumega inima inserarii cu scantei de viata ce alearga

Lasand urme de carbune pe fata lumii.

Umbrele saruta umerii goi ai noptii

Soptind  vorbe numai de ei intelese.

Undeva departe se aude luna cum isi plange

Iubitul demult pierdut in lumina.

Stele ii cad din ochi-i stersi

Si se sparg in mii de multe alte stele

Ce-au plecat in cautare negresit s-aduca stele-n ochii lunii.



And a little translation for my non-Romanian friends:



The crepuscule’s heart fumes away dancing sparks of life

To leave charcoal marks on the face of the world.

Shadows kiss the nude shoulders of the night

Whispering words only by them known.

Somewhere far away, the moon I can hear, cries

For its long lost-in-the-light lover.

Stars fall from its pale eyes

Breaking into thousands many other stars

Which on a mission leave by all means to bring stars back into the moon’s eyes.

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  • Reply Rahela 20 februarie 2013 at 5:51 pm

    Esti generoasa, Liliana. Multumesc 🙂

  • Reply Liliana Negoi 20 februarie 2013 at 5:49 pm

    superb 🙂

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