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Life and luggages

I love travelling and I love packing. To think of clothes and stuff I should take with me. I make lists so I don’t forget something of vital importance to me. Oh well…I often forget something at home, but never something vital. Until now.

But not about this I wanted to write about, but about luggage. I always have the same question: should I take a small, a medium-sized or a big luggage? Do I need few things or I have to take lots of stuff with me? I can be ready in a matter of minutes to leave for an entire weekend, but what if I don’t want to take only a few things with me? Then I would have other questions: what else should I take with me? What should I leave behind?

I guess life is just like packing. When flying to a new destination, do you take the luggage packed for the previous journey? Do you get the old stuff out? Do you put only new ones? Do you put new stuff over the old stuff? Do you take small luggage? Do you take large luggage?

What I don’t like is unpacking. I don’t like separating the clean from the dirty clothes. But I like washing the dirty clothes and making them clean. I like putting things back to where they were in the first place. Or somewhere in the nearby.

Yes. I love packing. And yes, I love travelling. If I could I would always be travelling. And I would love to travel light. But I can’t. I always take with me at least a medium-sized luggage. Just in case.

And sometimes it IS the case. I need space for the butterflies I catch!


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