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It’s black. Or is it white?

black and white

Not everything in this life is black. But then again…not everything is white. And still…some of us think this way.
I think life is a whole bunch of greys. From dark to light, from sparkling to dull grey. But still greys. Only very few things are still black or white. The rest…you have to consider a lot of other things before deciding the final shade.
And when you are confronted with a situation when you need to just pick black or white…what do you do? You can’t do that. It’s not that simple. Life is not that simple. There are a lot of other things to be taken into account. You have to think of all. They are all important in that particular decision.

How can we make life easier? How can we make our choices easier? How can we turn all into black and white?


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