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How hard can it be?

I am known as a person who doesn’t accept help easily.

I know I can do things by myself. And I can do them quite good. Not all the time. But…most of it.

I mean…why bothering other people with your problems? They have theirs. And who knows better how things should be done than yourself? You know the details, you know what’s best, right?

And…let’s be honest…who can do things better than yourself? Nobody!

Well…I have learnt that sometimes it’s better to allow people to help you. It’s better to see other sides of the problems. It’s great to have friends help you. This can bring you closer. It’s great because you don’t feel alone that moment. Someone cares, right? And they are persons happy to help you. If you let them.

Well..there is  problem finding friends that want to help you when you really need their help. But…I think there is someone who brings to your life exactly the persons you need. And what’s more important is that those persons have a perfect timing.

How can I say these things? Because it happened to me.

When I needed someone to tell me that I am SOMEBODY, I had a great friend who told me exactly that thing.

When I needed someone to wake me from my dreams, there was a special person that did that for me.

When I needed time to talk about things…I had several persons who knew how to listen.

When I needed to go out and just forget about stuff, there they were, ready to make me feel alive.

Of course, most of these persons are no longer an active part of my life for different reasons. But they were that certain important piece that mattered at some point. And they still do matter. Because they helped me become the person I am now.

I could have been someone else…someone I hated…or ignored. But no. I am ME. And this happened because of them.

So…for those special friends here or abroad…THANK YOU.

You will remain in the timeline of my mind and heart because you knew what I needed and you delivered… MAGIC.

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