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getting rid of balena albastra

A life with hard heart should end in laughter.

But when you forget about the ended one you just need to reconsider your feelings but never leave out your morals. Your mind stocked in 80 kilos never finds out sorrow of it. Moreover, splitting the kilos, it’s not a guarantee that you will get two separate parts: a kid and a new-life promise. Why do you always have to choose when you already made one before? You are free to become chilled and still you hesitate thinking about old-bad-made-choices. Stop thinking and start fooling yourself that everything will be OK. Who knows? Maybe sometimes it will be more than touchable. Maybe it will become a part in your ‘lil universe. Spin it, enjoy the ride, forget about your illness, smile and look around – nobody’s there. Just you and your Flicker photos. Your thoughts escape to a world of kiddos, foolish thing to let them in hands of a kid.

Living without a price tagged on my back or a brand printed in front, just going with the flow and saving yourself from this fucked up colorful mess.

Finally, you find yourself staring at a new choice not knowing which way to go.

Him: „Cheers, dear!”

Her: „Cheers, love!”

(imaginea nu imi apartine)

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