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Feeling loved

need love

We live in a society crazy about HAVING. From having the perfect car, to having the perfect family, having the perfect job, having the perfect vacation…We all want to HAVE. All we think about is HAVING.

But when did we forget to feel? When did HAVING became more important than FEELING? We are so focused on having that we forget about one of the primary needs of humans: FEELING LOVED. Is it possible that we think HAVING comes with FEELING LOVED? Do we think that if we have everything, the perfect love will come no matter what?

And what do we do when LOVE comes? Are our thoughts so tangled with the multitude of things our society says we need that it slips our mind that LOVE isn’t there forever unless we do something to keep it close? Are we that reckless that we think we can do whatever we want and LOVE will just be there when we need to cuddle or to be kissed? Do we think LOVE will always be waiting for us to HAVE TIME?


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