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I was recently reminded of what the notions of feminine and masculine mean to us. Some recent events in my life brought this to my attention, leaving me on a path of (self) evaluation so to say. Speaking of self evaluation, it’s probably time for a new one since the last one back in 2008; it’s one of those moments when you write down your dreams and aspirations, hoping that your brain will easier assimilate or accept the possibility of them coming true in the next few weeks, months, years…or future lives?

So back to that never ending talk about what it means to be masculine/feminine. Do I have to love climbing, go to the gym or be passionate about cars, for me to be masculine? And does she have to wear high heels, wave her hair when she’s in the spot light or maybe demonstrate some skills with flirting, in order for her to radiate femininity? What is it that men and women can grab onto in this day and age, that will make a difference in our lives? I heard someone saying that the essence of being masculine is to stand on the earth with all your strength. Strong point that makes me think and then re-think, but hopefully act, rather than think and philosophize. Another thing that comes to my mind is the importance of pausing a little bit every day and asking questions about what the hell we want from our lives. Too bad we aren’t exposed enough to this kind of healthy, progressive thinking throughout our childhood and teenage years.

A feminist recently deleted me from her facebook list, after me posting a “provocative” picture, depicting a range of adjectives/qualities/taboo titles, the modern society woman can posses, written on a beautifully uncovered female leg. She (the feminist) also wrote that she used to like me as a person back in the days (when I wasn’t as outspoken) but simply could not handle the intake of “sexist” material that I share on facebook. Interestingly enough, she has never ever even liked or commented on any of my Pink Floyd posts, videos featuring George Carlin, human sounding goats or smart lines from Sun Gazing. Not even my beautiful trip to Rome. I smell frustrations here. Anyways, back to that feminine/masculine talk….never ending talk.

Right now, I am listening to an interview between two men talking about the concept of romance. How about reading a book (no Dostoevsky though) to your woman, while she’s in the bath tube? Probably not the first thing we men think of doing, as we are too busy with sending her text messages and flipping through the TV channels at the same time. But hey, there’s time for experimenting with that too. During the interview, one of the men says: “ When I’m faced with two decisions in life, even small decisions…two forks in the road of any kind, I always ask myself: which one will give me the best memories?” And as I am writing this, it kind of brings me back to the beginning of this little window in my life, where I mentioned the self evaluation process. It’s so easy to make the decisions that are more financially secure, the ones that our parents or friends would like us making, instead of the ones that will bring us the best memories. I guess by choosing the latter, it will keep us present and when looking back at our lives, we feel that we have lived. And maybe it’s called present for a reason…another word for gift?

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A guy questioned at an airport

Sex? – Three to five times a week. – No, no, I mean: male or female? – Yes… male, female, sometimes camel. – Holly cow! – Yes… cow, dog, even sheep. – But isn’t that hostile? – Horse style, doggy style, any style! – Oh, dear! – No, no… deer run too fast!





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